User Journeys: How To Map Them For Your Lab Test App

Any app’s long-term success largely depends on having an active user base. As a result, developers must use comprehensive user journey maps, so they have a proper understanding of their users’ motivations and expectations.

What Are User Journey Maps, and Why Are They Important?

How to Create User Journey Maps for Your Lab Tests App

1. Set clear objectives

  • Why are you making a lab test app?
  • What is the final goal of your user journey maps?
  • Who is your app specifically aimed at?
  • What problems is your app trying to solve?

2. Define Your User Personas

3. Research what their motivations and goals are.

4. Map the Touchpoints

5. Identify pain points

  • Are my customers solving their problems using my app?
  • Where are the main areas of frustration?
  • Why are people uninstalling my app?
  • Where or when are people abandoning my app?
  • Are my users taking too long to reach their end goal?

6. Create a Visualization

  1. Search for lab test apps.
  2. Watch an ad for your lab tests app (or other touchpoints that directs them towards your app).
  3. Download your app.
  4. Create an account (link medical data, insurance, personal data, previous lab results, and other necessary information to create the account).
  5. Schedule the first appointment at the lab.
  6. Receive the test results through the app.
  7. Rate the app.

7. Update and Keep Improving

User Journey Maps: Conclusion

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